White Shoe's After Labor Day

Been Dreaming of white shoes lately, fear not Zero Decorum has found the aswer to your situation, via http://www.dreamforth.com. 

"In general, to dream of shoes signifies your attitude towards life. You are a very practical person and are steadfast in your opinions and principles. To dream of the color white is symbolic of exclusivity, the new world, appeal, protest, reform, miscarriage succession, virginity, purity, simplicity, justice, and innocence" 

 Shook? me too. 

 how could www.dreamforth.com answer be so on point? As far as im CONCERNED EVERYONE should be wearing white shoes from now on. If you belive in a progressive "new world", reform, justice, and protesting, then slap on some white shoes girly. I can already imagine the "white shoe MOVEMENT", wearing an item of clothing that symbolizes so much more, I feel like MEANINGFUL protest can be so much stronger than slapping on a t shirt that says "I'm a feminist". when in truth, the t-shirt was probably made by a little girl working in a sweatshop that is below any kind of safty standard, and the host probably DOESN'T even understand the true meaning behind being a "feminist", because if they did, they wouldn't flaut it like a pecock to the whole world. 

No clothing MOVEMENT is successful if its not easy to style. Lucky for you, white shoes pretty much go with everything, and are perfect for Fall.

Need some Inspiration?  

  • wear your white shoes with a STATEMENT skirt

  • Demin is always your friend

  • Pair them with some fashionable sweatpants for a cozy feel

  • patterned or plain Trousers, my one true love

  • black shirt, black pants, black sunglasses, oh wait, WHITE shoes 

  • Naked

via Who What Wear

via Who What Wear


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