5 Lessons Elle Woods Can Teach You

1. Jump At Every Opportunity.

Though it might seem daunting to put yourself in an unfamiliar environment, you'll never regret not taking every opportunity offered to you. The alternative is self pitty, because someone advanced themselves instead of you.  

2. Never Back Down From A Challenge.

Because lets be honest, proving people wrong is the most satisfying feeling EVER. 

5. Stress Eat, Cry, And Then Get The Fu*k Over Him. 

Face every breakup like a champ. Elle Woods went to Harvard for god sake, use your anger & sadness to fuel your future achievments.  

4.UNDERSTAND how bad ass you are.

Its pretty self explanatory, your the BOMB, and no one can take that away from you.

5. Always Dress To Impress. 

Its always better to dress up than down, go the extra mile. Earn peoples respect and trust by always looking prepared and put together #powersuits 

Misa YamaokaComment