A Tale Of Daisy Bras, Zero Booze, And Watermelon

via Olimpia Zagnoli

via Olimpia Zagnoli

My 7th grade Teacher taught me that every story good or bad has some kind of an Introduction, Building, Climax, and resolution/moral. so in HONER of Mr.Lamori and his STELLAR TEACHING skills, i've decided to CATEGORIZE the night of Saturday SEPTEMBER 2nd 2017, into 4 parts.

 this is a story about youth boredom, WATERMELON, and self expression in the rice cracker ile.  

Introduction: I had spend my 4th last day of summer inside, sulking about having to work at a RESTAURANT, writing, and making fucking fantastic brownies. The sun was out, (it was 23 degrees, with a slight breeze to be exact) and my NEIGHBOURS were smoking weed and listening to their try Hard Hipster Music. It was 7:00 PM, and i  knew a couple of kids were planning on hanging out around AMBLE-SIDE (the most basic place to get drunk, and smoke weed, among other things) so, reluctantly, if only for the sake to get out of the house, i called up a friend to see if she would too indulge herself in what was looking to be an uneventful night. 

Building: More times than not getting ready for a night out is actually "funner" than the actual"night out". SOMETIMES it just feels good to slap on some blush, highlighter, ecstasy, (jokes) and but on a good pair of shoes. The plan was to meet at Park royal (8:00Pm) and because i live in the middle of now where and the VANCOUVER bus system is shitty, i would have to leave my house in the next 25 min. Not in the mood to shove myself into demin bootie shorts and a pushup bra i went with my baggy overalls, a daisy bralette, and white nikes. I left the house looking like some dutch painter going through a MENTAL BREAK #Van-Goghmoment.      

The Ani CLIMATIC Climax: We met the "gang" outside of McDonnell's, and then walked to the beach. The conversation was CENSURED around the lack of booze, hansworths school fight club (awsome btw) and vaping. U could say i was feeling a tad bit UNDER-STIMULATED.   

Resoution/Moral: okay heres the kicker, i WAsn't going to just waste my night away doing ABSOLUTELY nothing, after 1 hour my friend and i ditched the group, and ran over to whole foods. there we bought over priced WATERMELON, i FLAUNTED my daisy covered tits in the frozen fish section, ate mac and cheese, and enjoyed some good conversation. The moral is, don't just sit around waiting for SOMETHING to happen, be a trail blazer, don't follow the crowd, take control over your night, and the poeple you decided to spend your time with, because in the end, time is what everyone wished they had more off #deep.   



The End


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