East Coast Best Coast?


Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Eastern Canada; a beautiful place known as the Maritimes. Canadians don’t get any friendlier than those in the Maritimes. I heard so much about Nova Scotia prior to my trip, about it’s beauty and aura of friendliness. We went to Halifax because my dad had work there and I was going for a tour of Dalhousie University, however I ended up doing a lot more than that in my short four days there. Upon our arrival we drove through one of the main and oldest streets in Halifax, filled with century-old buildings, and the very original Bank of Nova Scotia. The streets were booming with Scottish Pubs and small traditional buildings that had so much character, you could almost envision a face. Dinner rolled along and I found myself doing something I typically don’t do; eat seafood! With the 30 loud university boys behind us, and the new immigrants trying their luck with english on our right, I felt like this is was the most Canadian place I could possibly be. All four days my dad and I walked along the boardwalk, it looked out onto the water filled with wharfs and large sailboats, and little pop-up shops and markets along the way. Now I’m a big city girl at heart, and prior to visiting Halifax I didn’t think it was possible for me to fall in love with such a small populated city compared to that of my birthplace or where I currently reside (Toronto and Vancouver). However, I was completely taken aback when every day I’d find more and more hidden gems of Halifax. From an upbeat beer garden, to a beautiful city garden that made me feel like I was in Europe. Every passing day was a few more strangers I smiled to, and more realisation of how amazing this small city truly is. I urge everyone to keep an open mind when visiting a new place in your own city, or traveling somewhere else. You never know what you may learn about yourself, or what you may find.

x Addie 


Illustration: Jackui Lee

Misa Yamaoka