24 Hours Of zero Fucks

7:30 AM: Hit the snooze button, again, and again 

8:00 AM: Scroll through Instagram for way too long, and stock that Urban Outfitters cashier that was really HOT!  

8:20 AM: Eat dinner leftovers for breakfast ie. pasta, pizza, icecream + tea cuz your classy


8:50 AM: Take that shower or bath that you've been needing for like a month - and don't shave those parts of you that have been growing into forests because who gives a fuck. 

9:00 AM: Forgo toner, serum, rose oil, first moisturizer, second moisturizer, third moisturizer, the whole 9 yards - just slap on some SPF - leave the makeup alone  

9:05 AM: Grap the first 3 things you see in your cluttered closet and pray that whatever patterns you grab out of there mesh - but if not FUCK IT

9:30 AM: Arrive at school like 2 hours late - and when your teacher asks why.... come up with an Oscar-worthy response.    

10:00 PM: Imagine all the FOOD your going to eat after school - skip the veggies, go for the cake and allow yourself to doze off while your math teacher explains quadratics

2:00 PM: Skip out of school early (Just This Once) with that grade 12 guy you've been eyeing - but actually JOKES because the majority of us are single AF

3:00 PM: Have a group face time chat - and lose track of time 

5:00 PM: catch up on your TV shows ie. binge watch Stranger Things, and Gilmore Girls 

6:00 PM: Snack, snack, and then snack more 

7:00 PM: Skip the gym and don't feel guilty about it 

8:00 PM: Call out someone that's been pissing you off for a while on social media 

8:15 PM: Immediately regret doing it, but own up to it 

9:00 PM: Listen to your friend talk about her shity relationship problems but then actually give her a piece of your mind (in the nicest way possible) 

10:00 PM: Open all your worthless snap chats and R-N-R them all. 

11:00 PM: pop in a pizza, eat the whole thing, and sleep like a baby.  

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