Tales Of The Aritzia Wearhouse Sale


I channeled my inner Anna Wintour and rolled out of bed at 5:00 AM, took my multi vitamin and inhaled a bowl of turmeric soup. The Aritzia Warehouse sale only comes around once a year and I was determined to make the most of it. After breakfast, I pulled my hair into a low bun, and have attempted to put on mascara and blush. Sales can be quite hectic especially in change rooms, so you want to wear something loose, that's easy to take on and off. I went with my button up denim Brandy Melville skirt, Play polka dot sweater, white runners, and wrapped myself up in a blanket scarf to fend off the cold. Note: The changing rooms are communal so be aware of what lingerie you decide to wear, thongs might not be the best option.  

When I arrived at the sale (6:00 Am) a lineup had already formed around the convention center. Hundreds of “Basic” Vancouver girls dressed in black leggings, cardigans, and white shirts stood waiting, ready to get out of the ocean breeze.

By the time 6:30 rolled around, the line up was ridiculously long, I suggest either arriving there at either 6:00 Am, 9:30 AM, or 7:00 PM. This way you beat the morning crowd before work, and after work. Also, merchandise is always rolling in, so it doesn't matter what time you get there, fresh clothing will be waiting for you.

The line moved extremely quickly, I was inside the sale by 7:15 AM. When you enter the massive ballroom you'll be asked to check in your bag, I gave them everything but my phone. Note: keep your phone so you can communicate with your friend if you brought one. It's super helpful to disperse and collect things for each other, as there is a lot of ground to cover.


Once inside it was a little bit anti climatic, in the sense that I was ready to go to war. I thought the experience would look like a scene out of “Confessions Of A Shopaholic” but instead a woman actually offered to give me a shirt she was going to buy when I couldn't find my size. There was no wrestling to be had, not only because Canadians are civilized creatures, but there was plenty of clothing to go around.

The sale is organized by price, beginning at $9.99 to $179.99, and has specific areas for jeans, bags, and other accessories. Demin was my top priority,  the selection included Frame, Rag & Bone, Citizens of Humanity, and The Castings, among others for $74.99 or less. I found it hard to find ones that weren't flared, and boyfriend jeans were scarce. Quite honestly you need to just grab a pile and start sifting through, don't get discouraged if you can't find the ones, keep looking.  

In terms of the racks, quite frankly the best strategy is to just go through each one, you'll be surprised by the gems you find hiding.

Check out was easy and well organized, You can pick up your purse from the bag check right before you pay. They take cash and credit,  just be mindful when they are charging you that all your purchases are accounted for.


My final point would be this; Huge warehouse sales can seem daunting, but if you bring a friend along and take it step by step, you're sure to have a great time and save a LOT of money! Make a list before hand on what you really need, and focus on finding those pieces.


Because lets be honest, there is nothing better then a good sale. 

Happy Shopping, 




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