Fashion x Protest


Though most people see fashion as a frivolous pursuit, ZD believes that it's an art form that can be used for expression. Fashion X Protest has become a force to unite women and hopefully men and has not gotten the hype it rightfully deserves. From suffragettes dressing up as men in hopes to eliminate gender binaries, women in pantsuits supporting Hillary Clinton, and brands such as Dior, and public school producing their own “political” trendy T-Shirts, fashion and protest are linked. Fashion is a reflection of society and can be used to spark change. Don’t be confused, we are not suggesting that one should buy a $300 dollar t-shirt saying “we should all be feminist”, that's not the point, find a cause you're passionate about, and promote it through fashion, start the conversation. To get you started, we’ve found some great example of Fashion X Protest

x your edior 


GURLS TALK Short Sleeve T-shirt


She Persisted


Intersectional Rosie - Women's



Boobies -- Women's T-Shirt

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