How To Get That Glow

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It seems that the most prevalent beauty term used this year were “glow”, “the glow”, “dam you be glowing”, you get the theme. In my opinion the beauty community is taking a turn in the right direction, focusing on skin care first, then makeup #glossier. In hopes to send you off into 2018 with a glow to deflect all the fuckboys ZD has come up with a list of our fav products.


TonyMoly mask $3

Dont be fooled by the playfull packaging, this is serious stuff. The Korean mask is perfect for keeping in your carry on if you need a quick fix beofre getting off a flight! 


Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder $65 

Tatcha a Japanese company has attracted high end costomers like Kim Kardation and we know why. This Rice enzyme powder is amazing and will leave your skin free of dead crap. Plurge on skincare products, its worth it. 


Kieth's Daily Reviving Oil $72

Made with ginger root, sunflower & Tamanu oil this concocstion is what your skin needs every morning! We cant stress enough how important it is to keep your skin mosturized and energized during the winter months. 


Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen $35

It doesnt matter if its dark and cloudy outside, put sunscreen on. Keep your skin youthful and glowing by saying NO to sun damage while also lowering your chances of contractig skin cancer. 


MILK Holographic Stick $28

This is such a great product to have with you at all times. It's creamy texture makes it easy to apply overtop of foundation, or just mosturizer. I love puting this on my eyelids, inner eyes, nose, cheek bones, and cupids bow!


Charlotte Tilberry Wonder Glow $60

If you're fuss free about makeup, but still want an extra oomf, this product is for you. Its extremly light and fine shine is perfect to layer over SPF.