How to create an "on the go" beauty bag


On the go beauty, is me. I rarely ever actually give myself 10 minutes to do my makeup in an actual bathroom with actual lighting. Most days, I'll slap some blush on in the car, then brush on some mascara while I simultaneously walk to my next commitment. But seriously, for girls balancing school, sports, extracurriculars and still want to look BOMB or mildly presentable curating a small “on the go beauty bag” is imperative. When I roll out of bed at 8:00 and need to be at school by 8:30, I don't have time to shuffle through which moisturizer and mascara to use. I need to slap that shit on so I don't scare people when I walk through the doors.

Steps To create your perfect “on the go” beauty bag.

The Bag:

Finding the perfect bag for your products is imperative. Pick something small, so you won't be tempted to shove in extra stuff you don't need ie. one more lip color.  Personally, I like bags that don't have a ton of structure to them, that way I can shove it in my jam packed school bag. 

Understand your Environment:

Evaluate your schedule, how much time do u really have? Do you really want to spend 5 minutes trying to get the perfect winged liner, when you have 7 minutes to do your whole face? What kind of everyday look do you want, natural, a bold lip, smoky eye?

Limit Your Products:

Give yourself a limit on how many products you'll take with you. It’s easy to get carried away packing extra makeup brushes you don't need, extra lip colors ex. Find products that are versatile, for example, a lip color you can also use as a blush or eyeshadow.

So what's in my bag?

 My beauty bag :) $15   Uncommon Goods

My beauty bag :) $15  Uncommon Goods

#1 Makeup Forever Cream Blush

 Blush is by far my #1 product, without it I literally look like a drown victim. Adding color back into my skin is so important. I'll dab on some blush on the apples of my cheeks, a tiny bit on the ridge of my noise, and if i'm going for a summery look, you can put the slightest amount on your eyelids.

#2 A nastasia Eyebrow Pencil

This eyebrow pencil is a cult favorite. The pigment it gives is amazing, and it comes with a brush! I don't like the look of painted on eyebrows so I add a couple of hairs here and there, but don't go crazy, natural is the goal.

#3 Charlotte Tilbury Concealer

I’m in love with this product, to swishes under my eyes and I don't look like a zombie anymore. You don’t need a brush to blend it into your skin, it had a light consistency, just pat it in with your fingers.

#4 Bobbi Brown Mascara

I swear by this mascara, it has such an amazing consistency, and stays on all day. That being said, there is honestly no need to drop $30+ on mascara, drugstore brands are great too.

#5 Dior Tinted Lip balm:

I am a content host for chapped lips. LIKE ALWAYS. This lip chap is amazing, and gives you a glossy finish 10/10 recommend.

#6 Dior Highlighter x Bronzer

This product is extremly compact yet powerful. If your looking for extra glam or sparkle this will not let you down. Whatch Suki Waterhouse apply it with easy here


Remember this is “on the go beauty” a natural look that will never let you down. If you want to spice it up with eyeshadow ex go for it!. But for now, when you have 7 minutes to get your shit together in the morning, running out the door with this small bag of goodies will do the trick.