Makeup Tricks For Beginners


1. Swatch foundation colours on your neck when looking for your shade!

When applying foundation, you should always blend your foundation past your jawline and onto your neck. By swatching the colour on your neck, you will ensure that the rest of your face will be the same colour as your neck when wearing that foundation.


2. Use eyeshadow colors complementary/opposite of your eye color

Red-Purple for Green eyes, Orange-taupes for blue eyes, and hazel eyes have some grey, green, and blue tones so use shades similar to the colour you would like to make pop. Ex: If you want the green in your hazel eyes to pop, use a emerald or bright green shade.


3) If you have hooded eyelids: don’t use shimmer in your crease!

Avoid shimmer shades from the crease and towards the brow bone, go for matte shades in this area. Shimmer will reflect light from your crease; drawing more attention and making it more visible. 


4) Properly shape your brows.

Align the arch of your eyebrow with the outer side of your iris, the tail of the brow with the end of the eye, and the start of the brow with the inner tear duct. This will ensure that your arch isn’t too close to the tail nor the start of your brow 


5) Perfect your concealer 

Your undereye concealer should not be more than 2 shades lighter than your foundation, and you should use flashback-friendly setting powder when baking. Concealer that is more than 2 shades darker from the rest of your face can cause horrible flashback in photos. 

6) Always exfoliate lips before applying matte lipstick

Otherwise, the lipstick will set into all the creases of your lips, it won’t dry smoothly nor evenly, and it will peel off with the dead skin.


7)  For a bronzy  look, apply product using the rule of 3

* Makesure you have good lighting when applying Bronzer, because its super easy to go overboard. 

9)  For a completely contoured look...

apply concealer/highlight underneath your brows, middle of forehead, centre of nose, underneath eyes, cupid’s bow, and above and below cheekbones


10) Double check you fully blended the foundation into your hairline so there is no visible line  

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11) Invest In key products

Invest in some high quality staples, but a lot of drugstore makeup will do. I use my maybelline concealer almost as much as my nars concealer. But, invest in must-haves like a face-blending blush and foundation. However, for liquid lipsticks and highlight, there are some really good drugstore dupes for high-end products. Such as NYX liquid lipsticks for Anastasia Beverly Hills.