Calvin klein has us Rollin Up In Our Ski Masks


It seems Raf Simons predicted that Vancouver would be getting a dump of snow this week. His fall ready to wear collection included chic firefighter jackets, ski masks, wool dresses, and structured yet flowy silhouettes (if that's even possible). The show took place inside the new york stock exchange but dont be fooled, the show had little connection to money. Instead, the venue was transformed into a gloomy farmhouse scene filled with Sterling Rudy sculptures and a foot of popcorn. I mean come one! who wouldn't want to walk in a sea of popcorn ?! ... the models? 


Though the cloths themesleves wearnt ZD's favorite, the fabrics used reflect the latest trends. Minimalist tripes are back, while party girl leapord still prevales, and acid light wash demin-ish fabric that looks like it could come from Sally Ann's, but WTF fashion right?! 

But it seems Raf, came late to the party, Manrepellers Leandra Medine has been rocking ski masks for some time now......  So, would you wear a ski mask for the sake of fashion? Comment below!