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Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou is turning heads in the music and fashion world. The Berlin-based, Korean DJ has made her name by creating electric mixes that mix "pulsing house and techno with abstract compositions". On her highly popular Instagram feed you'll see her chilling with Off White creative director Virgil Abloh, creating music, posing in bad ass clothes, as you simultaneously get to travel with her to Bali, London, Berlin, and then back again. 


Ivy Miller 

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Sooooooo, I've recently discovered a new love, in the form of Ivy Miller. This chica is cool as a cucumber, a model, surfer, snowboarder, skater, chic, I mean come on?! Her Instagram is the perfect mix of "holy crap look at her body", to laugh out loud moments of her dancing, acting, or just being her natural self. She truly humanizes modeling.... Also, can we just talk about her boyfriend Scotty James, Olympic snowboarder, who is equally weird in all the best ways! #couplegoals 

Simi & Haze 

Simi and Haze have been around for some time now. While getting their university degrees at USC for film and fine art, they were also DJ -ing for Coachella, partying it up with Kendall Jenner, Sophia Richie, Bella Hadid ex. Their Instagram is full of grungy selfies, high fashion, and social scenes. 


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@coco_pinkprincess is a LEGEND. She puts your street style to shame all day everyday. And acts as a perfect example of what extensive amounts of money, and a social media platform can do to a 6 year old? 

Yara shahidi

Yara Shahidi at only 18, is a force of nature. She is an actress on Black-ish, activist, model, and overall beautiful soul. With 2 million followers under her belt and an Obama profile picture, her fed acts as a platform for her fierce opinions, fashion sense, and love for humanity. TOTALY ZERO DECORUM, RIGHT?! 

Petra Collins 

All I can say is this ...... Gucci, feminist, photogropher, trailblazer, beauty, genuine, forbes 30 under 30, wokeAF. 

Words: misa yamaoka