A Eulogy For Underwear Killed By Periods

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Underwear #24 had a short-lived but vibrant life. 24 made an impact on me in so many ways, at parties, dinners, in the bedroom ;) and will be missed. 

#24 was born in a Victoria Secret factory, made and shaped by the hands of an underpaid, overworked person. When 24 and I met, it was like any great love, I swept me off my butt, and we quickly became best friends. Sometimes 24 could be an asshole when she didn't sit right, but I always forgave her.  

Some of my fondest memories with 24 include when we went to that LORDE concert together and danced all night with friends, or had to run away from cops through some random park after a party, oooo and that time we just sat in bed and watched Big Little Lies for hours!

You were always my number one choice, out of all my underwear.

But, you wear taken too soon, by a ruthless heartless monster. When my period came, it had no regard for our friendship and gave us no time to say goodbye. It bled all over you, I know you tried to stay dry, but there was no hope, the flow was too strong. 

You will always be remembered as my favorite pair, and forever missed.



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