I Need Saving From Other Women Not Men


Teacher: So class, well actually girls, do you think you need saving?


1 second 

5 seconds 

30 seconds 

Me: Well, I need a little more saving from women, because I don't think we support each other enough. However, I think it's a big misconception that women need saving from men. 

1 week later, and I'm still being labeled as the in-house Feminist. 

I feel like women are seasoned professionals at protesting against men (which is totally valid and fair in most cases) but this rage and need to point fingers has made women forget about building relationships and support within our own community. 

We praise campaigns like #MeTooHigh, flaunt "feminist" swag, and yet high school locker rooms and hallways are still hostile environments for the majority of girls. One second we will be praising a celebrities efforts in the fight for women, the next gossiping and pointing out her flaws. It's a toxic cycle, and we can no longer solely point our fingers at men as we are perpetrators too. 

Preaching about feminism is one thing, but acting upon those values is a completely different monster to slay.  When it comes down to it, a lot of us are still quick to judge, make fun of, or put down other women because we feel insecure ourselves. On a personal level, I find my self-criticizing other women when I feel threatened by their successes. 

Woman have historically needed to stick together for power and support, but as time goes on and our voices gain more merit, groups, cliques, and gang, mentalities are no longer needed. We are strong enough, correction, have always been strong enough to stand on our own, the only difference is that now women have been given an actual platform to express themselves in politics, media, and the arts. 

It might seem simple and adolescent-like, but more often than not find why self-wondering, 

 "At what point did pop culture decided it was okay to pit women against each other?" 

We've been taught since little girls about popularity contests, hot or not lists, and friend groups, but very rarely about body positivity, sexuality, and self-expression. 

I feel at most women will look for approval from men instead of women. If we were able to change this narrative and offer support, and approval, to more women in our communities, our identity would become stronger. 


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