Who is Agnes Vardo, and how does she wear Gucci so well?


Agnes Varda is a French still photographer, and motion picture director. This weekend she became the oldest person ever to be nominated for an academy award, at 89!

I would imagine being in conversation with Agnès would be such a mind-blowing experience. She grew up as the middle child of five siblings, lived through WWII on a boat in Sete, changed her name from Arlette to Agnes at 18, and makes films that challenge concepts on feminism, realism, and social commentary. 

Agnes started her schooling in Sorbonne and received a bachelors degree in literature. Though, like most creative geniuses she described her schooling experience was "stupid, antiquated, abstract, [and] scandalously unsuited to the lofty needs one had at that age." After her academic stint, she went on to work as a museum curator, which then lead her to find her true passion for photography. Agnes was hired by her friend at Theatre National Populaire to become their official photographer. She quickly began to gain traction and connections which lead to more jobs throughout Europe for photojournalism. 

In 1954, Agnes entered the film industry with her first film called Le Pointe Court. With 14,000 dollars sourced from Sinheritances, and friends she released her movie that would later be referred to as the film that started French New Wave films. 

Now at the Oscars, Agnes's film Faces Places has been nominated for best documentary. She walked down the runway looking her effortlessly cool, self-assured self a top to bottom rose patterned Gucci suit with Elton John glasses and red hair.