Trips & Tricks To Help You Through college tours This Year

Illustration by: Cinara Paralta Pisco  @cinarasaionara

Illustration by: Cinara Paralta Pisco @cinarasaionara

Be prepared with questions, and engage in conversation.

You will regret not asking some of those urging questions that popped into your head! If you have questions about sororities or fraternities, it can be helpful to get a different perspective on the topic from a student who goes there, than that of the admission staff.

Don’t be afraid to ask personal questions to your tour guide, often times they aren’t part of the admission process.

My cousin is a tour guide at UCLA and he often tells me that many people that he tours think that he is part of the admission process, so they suck up to him and try to sound intelligent. Please do not do this, you will end up wasting your time, and refrain yourself from asking good honest questions.  

Have an open mind! Be willing to picture yourself in certain settings.

Just because you pass a library that seems depressing, or some of the cafeteria food doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t have a narrow mind about the rest of the tour. You will most likely find one thing at every university or college that you aren’t completely fond of.


Illustration by: Cinara Paralta Pisco  @cinarasaionara

Illustration by: Cinara Paralta Pisco @cinarasaionara

Do your research, ask questions like “Is there on-campus tutoring offered at all times?” and “Does the university offer counselors or advisors if I’m having any troubles” or “What kinds of meal plans are offered”

It is so important to ask these questions! Yes, most schools have websites and viewbooks, but there is nothing more insightful than talking personally to a student that attends the school.

Think about residences! What types of rooms are offered (Traditional, Suite, Appt, etc)

If you reside on campus, your dorm is your house! Know your options, such as types of rooms, and types of residences (all girls, all boys, all genders, certain religion, etc). It’s also a good idea to inquire about residence pricing if you’re on a budget.  


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Exchange numbers with people you're touring with. 

Keeping in touch with someone from admissions or your tour guide can be so useful for when it’s time to apply or if you have any further important questions.

Think or ask about clubs, sports teams, intramurals, organizations, or ways that you would be able to get involved.

 Know that not everyone is bursting at the seams with school spirit, however, a lot us like to feel like we “belong”. If you are someone who is super shy and reserved and you need a setting like a book club in order to make close friends and be happy, it would be a smart idea to ask what kinds of clubs are offered.

Arrive early! School parking on many campuses is limited and campuses are large.

Make a good first impression. Arrive early because parking is typically limited, and some campuses are quite large so it may be hard to locate where you are supposed to meet.

Dress appropriately.

Most people know not to show up in a low cut crop top with cut-off shorts, but it’s also nice not to look grubby either. Regardless of whether the tour guide gets paid or is volunteering, they are still putting in the time and effort to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your tour - so be mindful of how you dress. 

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