ZD's list of Social Justice Ted Talks

Illustration By  Ian Dalton

Illustration By Ian Dalton


On Poverty

Here are two ted talks that explain the misconceptions of poverty and emphasize that if luck and privilege don’t always guarantee success, then hard work doesn’t either. Mia Birdsong is a family activist and advocates for “strong communities and the self-determination of everyday people.” Rutger Bregman is the author of “Utopia for Realists.”


On War Crises

Two incredibly brave women provoke intense emotions while covering topics on refugees and the horrors of war. Janine di Giovanni is a war journalist that has covered many wars all across the world, from Rwanda to Kosovo, Zimbabwe to Egypt, Iraq to Bosnia, and many more. Luma Mufleh is a Jordanian immigrant and Muslim woman. Mufleh started America’s first-ever accredited school for Refugees. She also coaches soccer to immigrants from war-torn countries and helps guide them through the prevailing challenges that they face.


On the Challenges in North Korea

Suki Kim taught undercover as an English teacher at an elite all-boys school in North Korea. She depicts the robot-like life that her students face daily, ultimately without realizing it as such. Hyeonseo tells the eye-opening story of how she escaped the brutal regime that is North Korea.


On Social Injustices

Harvard law professor– Ronald Sullivan– has devoted his career to freeing wrongfully convicted prisoners. His Ted Talk is insightful on America’s justice system and offers a different take, “Justice, my friends, is a decision.” Deborah Lipstadt is an American historian and professor that was sued for libel by David Irving, a Holocaust denier.

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